Quanzhou Ritian Machinery Co., Ltd.
Name:Quanzhou Ritian Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Equipment: Two-Stage Air Compressor
Equipment Type: Conveyor Equipment -> Compressor
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Description: Pressure of One-stage Air compressor is between 0-0.7 MPa, it exhausts more air per KW and has the best benefit. But when the pressure is over 0.8Mpa, we suggest Two-stage Air Compressor, as its exhaust volume is bigger. New type valve tap design has a high compression efficiency, and easy to maintain. Industrial air compressor design adopts the best wearable cast iron materials, multi-blade cooling fan, to cool compulsorily, it’s the best cooling system. It’s able to be used in any situation needs air such as factory, automatization system, car maintain, paint, engineering etc..
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